There are so many beautiful ways to tell your children about their births. Here is the birth story of Sollie, written by his mum, Ash. Sollies story involves birthing at home. Feel free to use this if you’re looking for some storytelling inspiration.

We were all so happy when we found out that you would be joining our family! My body worked really hard to help you grow, sometimes I felt tired and sore. I was so proud of my body and I loved my round belly.

Our midwife visited our home to check that you were growing strong! 

The long, patient days of wondering were filled with joy. Waiting for you to choose your own birthday was so exciting!

On the day before your guessed date, I woke in the very early hours of the morning to some light contractions. Happily, we spent the day at home drinking lots of water, eating good food and resting. As the sun went down, we all went to bed wondering how far away you were. 

We couldn’t wait to meet you!

Soon after, we knew you were coming so we called our midwives Haley and Sarah, and our dear friend Lozzy. The five of us spent the next couple of hours quietly talking and laughing together. 

I had such special people around me, I felt so supported. I always had someone there to hold my hand as I breathed deeply or cool hands massaging my neck and shoulders.

The pool was lovely and warm, lit up with fairy lights. There were long periods of silence, broken only by whispers of reassurance. Each surge was much longer and more powerful than the previous one. My body took big rests.

Louis was woken by his spider-senses and joined us. He came to my side with Daddy, held my hand, then sat on the couch watching closely with a big excited smile. It was so special to have him there and he was nurtured in such a kind way by everyone. You were only a few big pushes away and he was the first person to see your face. 

A couple of big roars from me and you were passed through the water and up in to my arms at 5:07am. I sat with you on my chest, and cried happy tears. You were so calm. Your eyes wide open. Everyone around us was silently smiling and sharing hugs. 

We did it! 

Daddy and Louis woke Kip and brought him out to meet you. Your big brothers stayed by the side of the pool until we made our way to the couch where we stayed for a long time, drinking tea and eating porridge. A couple of hours later, we were all snuggled in as a family of five and it was like you had been here all along!

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