Your Birth Story Book is a mother-led business based in
the Hunter Valley. Our books are printed in Australia and
handbound with love.

Meet our founder, Tiarny McCook

I grew up being acutely aware of the power of spoken words. When I gave birth to
my eldest daughter, I knew that I needed a way to share our story.

Our story was peaceful, messy, traumatic, breathtaking and absolutely life changing.
Most importantly, our story was uniquely ours.

I wrote a book for my daughter leading up to her first birthday to tell her about her
birth. It was a book about how my body had grown and carried her for her for nearly
43 weeks. A book about how once she started to move through my body she got
 stuck. About how I landed in an “emergency” c-section and about the very first kiss I
gave her before she cuddled her Dad for a few hours while I finished up in surgery.
Writing our story and sharing it with my daughter allowed so much conscious and subconscious healing to happen within me. My mind began to envision parents
sharing their birth stories with their children through books.

I deserved to turn my birth into a beautiful book, and my daughter deserves to hear
 and read her birth story often.

So do you and so do your kids xx