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Unfortunately as this stage, our book creator program is only compatible for use via a laptop or computer.

To create your book you will need a minimum of 2 photos, one for the front cover and one for the back cover. For the internal pages, you can add as many or as little photos as you would like to help tell your story.
Our custom books are 20 pages. We are unable to add additional pages currently.
Our books are designed to be sturdy and safe for babies and small children. The books should always be used under adult supervision. The pages and wooden spine are safe for mouthing babies. The cord, if loose, may become a strangulation risk.
You can use maternity photos, family photos, newborn photos or even current photos of your child and family to help tell your story. You can also use our illustrations in addition to your photos.
Yes you can, just add additional books at the checkout. It might be a good idea to buy one for regular reading, and another to put away as a keepsake.
“The Story of Lucy” “Your Beautiful Birth” “The day you were born” “Quinn’s Birth Day” “Remembering Parker’s birth” “When Oliver was born…”

Our illustrations aim to show some parts of pregnancy and birth that parents might not have photos of. For example, there is no way to photograph a posterior baby, or placenta previa, but we can show our children what that looked like through an illustration. We have nearly 30 illustrations and are always looking to add to our library. If you have any suggestions for illustrations to be added in the future please email

Absolutely! Make sure you create an account to save your work. You can save your design and come back to it at a later time.
Most of the time, yes. Please check your book proof when you finish your book design to make sure you are happy with the photo quality.
Yes, we currently offer Afterpay for our birth story books and gift vouchers. You will find the Afterpay option at checkout.
There is no right or wrong age. These books make a beautiful first birthday or first Christmas gift, however any time is a good time to tell a child about their birthing day.

I am sorry that you experienced trauma during your birth. Your story and experience is so important and so valid. Telling your story can be so healing for you and your family. Check out my blog post here  on talking to kids about their traumatic birth. I also talk about trauma and healing through storytelling regularly on my instagram @yourbirthstorybook

Of course you can! Our writing prompts are there to help you tell your story, especially if it’s a difficult story to tell. Use as many of our writing prompts as you need, or use them as inspiration when writing your story.

Books should arrive between 2-4 weeks of placing your order. Sometimes there are additional shipping delays that are outside of our control. We aim to keep you up to date with shipping information as it becomes available.

Not usually, but the best way to be kept in the loop with any possible discounts is to follow our instagram @yourbirthstorybook.

Every mother and child has a unique and special story of their birthing day.
A beautiful dance of two souls unlike anything else in this world.

Your personalised birth
story in print

Our website has been created to make it as easy as possible for
you to design your very own birth story book for your child. We’ve
included optional illustrations and writing prompts available for
you to use to help tell your story.