There are so many beautiful ways to tell your children about their births. Here is the birth story I wrote for my daughter leading up to her first birthday. Her name and personal details are changed. Her story features a homebirth transfer and surgical birth. Feel free to use this if you’re looking for some storytelling inspiration.

Hey Frankie,

Do you remember the day you were born?

It was the 10th May 2021 and the weather was starting to get cold. You decided that it was the perfect day to be born.

Mummy and Daddy knew that you were ready to be born. We were so excited to meet you. In the morning, Daddy went outside to take a photo of the sky.

Mummy got into the birthing pool that we set up in our loungeroom at our home in Cessnock. It was nice and warm.

Zeusy was watching on the lounge. He was very excited to meet you.

Daddy was helping Mummy with her contractions. Mummy was smiling, they didn’t even hurt.

As the day went on, the contractions in Mummy’s body got bigger and bigger as Mummy’s body opened up ready for you to be born.

After a few more hours, you decided that slow and steady was the best way to be born. But you ended up a little bit stuck inside Mummy’s vagina.

Daddy drove Mummy to the hospital. We asked a kind Doctor to help us get you unstuck so that you could be born.

The Doctor couldn’t quite unstuck you. But, there was another way to be born, a surgery!

You were born at 5:17am by a cesarean section. Instead of being born out of Mummy’s vagina, you were born out of a special scar on Mummy’s tummy.

When you were born, you gave Mummy a kiss and then turned to look at everyone else in the room. You had beautiful big eyes and there was alot to look at.

After the cesarean section, the Doctor has to stitch up Mummy’s tummy and use a special bandaid.

You and Daddy had special cuddles while you waited for Mummy to finish in the surgery. You did your very first poo on Daddy’s chest.
It was nearly the end of the day, at around 11pm when you had big cuddles with Mummy and Daddy together. You were so small and you fit perfectly in our arms.

Frankie, we will always remember the day you were born.

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