There are so many beautiful ways to tell your children about their births. Here is an example of a birth story written for my nephew, Banjo. His story involves an induction and vaginal birth. Feel free to use this if you’re looking for some storytelling inspiration.

Everything was going very well while you were in Mummy’s tummy. Mummy had regular growth scans due to your big sister being a little small when she was born. 

On Friday 22nd April I had a growth scan and it showed you had very little fluid around you, so we went up to the hospital to get checked out. Mummy spent 12 hours there and they wanted me to have you right then and there!

We said no, declined any treatment and went home. All weekend the midwives were calling to check how you were going. You were still going very well despite minimal fluid. 

On Tuesday 26th April Mummy went in for our weekly check in with the doctors at the hospital. They were really concerned with how you were going in Mummy’s tummy and decided that they wanted to start an induction that night. 

Mummy went home and packed a bag, had dinner and dropped Harlow to Nanna’s house for the night. We headed up to the hospital at about 7pm and they put a balloon catheter in. It hurt Mummy a lot! Daddy stayed for a few hours and headed home for a rest before a big day tomorrow. 

Mummy had a few hours of sleep before she got woken up at 6am to start the next process. We got moved to the room where you were born and Daddy met us there at about 7am. They started by attempting to break my waters. Unfortunately nothing happened because there was only a small amount of fluid.

Mummy went for an hour long walk with Daddy to try and start labour. I started to feel small contractions but nothing too big.. When I returned they bought a doctor in to try and break my waters again but nothing happened due to the low fluid. After that they started the pictocin medicine to help contractions become more regular. 

Mummy was handling labour so well until the end when she was in lots of pain. She decided to have the gas to help with the pain. Towards the end they needed to hurry you out due to not being able to track your heart rate. You were born after 10 mins of pushing at 3:41pm. You weighed 2.68kg and were 48cm long. It was Wednesday 27th of April. 

We were hoping to go home after 4 hours and get Harlow. But unfortunately you were 15 grams under the weight to go home straight away. We spent 2 nights in hospital as you had quite low blood sugars and a little jaundice so needed extra monitoring. We went home on Friday 29th April and you finally got to meet your big sister.

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