How to write your birth story

We all have a story to tell about our births. Some of them are pretty and flowy and make us feel warm on the inside. Others might feel a bit pointy, or difficult, and leave us feeling a pang of grief and sadness when we think about them. No matter what your birthing experience entailed, […]

The benefits of birth storytelling

Every parent and child’s birth experience is truly unique. For some, their births are peaceful and empowering, for others birth can be full of trauma and hard to sit and reflect on. All of your births and all of your stories are so important. Storytelling is a beautiful educational and healing tool that dates back […]

Talking to your kids about their traumatic birth

Birth can be a sensitive topic for so many adults, add in the intergenerational birth trauma that so many of us grew up in and there is no surprise that some may struggle to talk about birth with their children. It is reported that 1 in 3 women describe their birthing experience as traumatic, with […]